Touchshow -- the best way to distribute your slide work

Touchshow converts ppt file to wtppt format and play them on different platforms just like a powerpoint. As wtppt is well-protected format, people could play it, forward it but could not modify it.

Not only a powerpoint converter and viewer, Touchshow extends ppt and make it a powerful tool in many aspects. It can create android app from ppt, extend to access database and Internet with embedding script, showcase data chart with powerful chart tool, etc.

Converter works on windows and it needs MS office above 2010 to be installed prehand. Player works on both PC and Android mobile. iOs player is coming soon.

Main Features

Ease of conversion. Play wtppt with full interactive potential.
If your mobile support projection, you can showcase your product with mobile phone now.


WTPPT is a private and well protected format. Your readers can only play and view the slide but could not edit it. You'll be able to control who can use it in the future.

Interactive effect support

Slide transition effects, animation effects, gif, flash animations, button and trigger, hyperlink, audio and video.
Touchshow player supports almost all the interactive effects.

Markup tool for playing

Markup tool is useful when user demoshow the slides. Long press mobile screen for a while, you will see its menu.

If you don't show audience the tool after you share the file to them, or publish the file as an app. You could remove menu when you convert the file.

One click conversion, easy to use

By clicking convert button from powerpoint menubar or by drag&drop file to converter shotcut, the conversion will start. After it finishes, the wtppt will be generated in the same folder. Here is a operation video

One file for all, easy to copy

Wtppt combines all resources used in ppt, so people could play it well offline.

Advanced Features

Touchshow is not only a showcase tool, it is able to interact with your business system,
by embedding script based on AS3 language.

Wtppt to Android app

Wtppt could be published as android app for some formal case.

Invoke third-party app

By using special hyperlink, Touchshow player can invoke required app and interact with them. Demo

User script Execution

Touchshow player allow to execute script loaded from embedded flash file. Users can create a quiz, interact with your audient, communicate with online service, and much more.

Powerful data chart

Touchshow integrates great chart viewer which is very useful for data showcase. Demo

PPT data Access

We provide API to access and dynamicly change data in current wtppt. To get API visit here

And more ...

Base on script mechanism, users are able to do nearly everything they need. Click here for more information

Touchshow series - X2web, PPT/PDF to HTML5

X2web belongs to Touchshow family. WTPPT is used to be playback locally. If you need to publish your powerpoint or pdf files online in order to get more forward, try x2web to convert your file to HTML5 and then post them to tweet or facebook. Visit to use the service.


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Note: WTPPT created by trial could run for 3 minutes, without other limitations.
Before purchasing our products, please make full test to see if it fits your needs.
in principle, we will not refund as it is a digital product.


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