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TouchShow -- Play your presentation on mobile with full potential

NEW: Touchshow online PPT to HTML converter released.
Publish ppt online with animation enabled. It could be viewed on Android, iOs and PC, with modern browser. Sample
Even more, the slide show could be played in a fashion Mind Map mode if you compose the powerpoint according to some basic rules. Sample
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PlayPowerPoint on your mobile phone or pad, with animation, hyperlink, audio and video for free? Try Touchshow.
Android and iOs both supported now.
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Touchshow is aiming at playing powerpoint file in mobile device with the almost same experience as on PC.

There are many apps who are PowerPoint Viewers or PowerPoint editors on mobile phone and tablet. However, less of them play powerpoint with animation support. We think mobile device like pad/phone are not suitable for editing. That is rather complicated and heavy work that should be done on more powerful PC. Pad/phone is suitable for presenting. What a convenience it would be to have your lecture with a phone, or to introduce your products on a pad. If your device supports HDMI/MHL or video output funcion, it is easy to projec the screen to big screen.

Aiming at the best PowerPoint player on android, iOs and other mobile platform, Touchshow make your work more attractive.

Touchshow plays transcoded PowerPoint file, called wtppt, with almost all the interactive features, such as animation effect, hyperlink, audio, video, flash animation, multitouch-gesture. A one-click converter helps to convert PowerPoint to wtppt file on PC.

[Main Feature]

1. Touchshow includes most of the functions in presentation, including:
  • Animation and animation effects.

  • Touchshow supports most features of MS PPT effects, delay, repeat times, effect combinations, order, animation trigger, shape triggered sequence, etc.

  • Hyperlink.

  • Support hyperlink to slides and outside webpage.
    Support hyperlink to "last viewed page".
    Support some interesting and useful functions with hyperlink. Read user guide for detail.

  • Multimedia resources. Picture, Audio, Video, and Flash

  • Touchshow supports JPG, PNG, and GIF animations.
    To audio and video media files, Touchshow convert those files with ffmpeg.exe to Adobe Air supported file formats.
    Touchshow supports swfs which were developed with AS3. Touchshow is able to interact with your swf in order to make presentation more impressive.

  • Multi-touch gesture.

  • Touchshow focuses on presentation so it is implemented with multi touch functions. User can scale and rotate pictures, texts and graph data. Not only for showing cool, it is useful when there is more data in one slide.

  • Markup tool.

  • Needless to say, it is useful in presentation. You can mark with different pen colors and save the current page on disk.
    For android, the picture is saved to /sdcard/wtshare. For iOs, the picture is saved in photo album

  • Wireless mouse/keyboard control.

  • With remote keyboard control, while connecting the device to big screen as output, lecturer is free to walk anywhere, controling the device remotely

  • International language characters support.

  • Touchshow is released with limited language. However, it has interface for people to use their own native language.
  • Orientation Support.

2. Features of Touchshow Converter on PC.
Watch the video to know how to use converter.
  • One-click tool.

  • Converter exists as PowerPoint plugin or a single .exe file.
    If you are using the plugin, after you finish to modify the ppt, click the Touchshow->Convert to WTPPT menu item, it works.
    If you are using isolated .exe file, drag&drop the ppt file to converter (or its shortcut), it will start to convert.
    Both methods, you need only one-click and the converter will do all for you.
    Result wtppt file will be put on the same folder with the original ppt.

  • Folder convert (batch mode).

  • If there are plenty of ppts to be converted, put them all together in one folder, then drag&drop the folder to converter (or its shortcut), all files will be done at a time.

[Issues related to iOs version]

Because iOs system is different to Android, we did something different to Android version. We will list them below.
  • Since iOs can not use external storage, you need to copy wtppt file to app's Documents folder where Touchshow can access.
  • Video is not supported on iOs version now.
  • It is easy to translate language to your native language now. Find and replace "help.txt", "helpmsg.txt", "editname.txt", "errmsg.txt" in your native language. We hope you can also send a copy to us for other users to download

[Minimum System Requirements]

  • CPU 1GHz, recommend to use durl-core 1.0GHz
  • Mem 512M, recommend to use 1G
  • Above Android 2.3
  • Adobe AIR for Android installed
  • Video playback ability relative to device
  • Above iOs 4.3
PC requirement (for converter)
  • Microsoft Office 2003 or above installed, recommend to use office2007.

[How to buy]

Make your presentation often and tired of heavy notebook? Please support our dream to make presentations on all mobile platform with new designed nature and multitouch gestures.
  • Touchshow pro $8.99, purchase in-app or purchase online.

  • Android in-app register version, download from Slideme Click help and then registration button.
  • To purchase online (for both iOs and Android), please click
    . After the payment, please send your hardware Code to us to make a license file. The Code can be found at the first line of help message.
  • Touchshow license is bound to device. Key file can be used when you reset your device to factory defaulting or change your sdcard.
  • Lifetime free upgrade.
  • Any problem, please mail to contact@whytouch.com.

[Notices & known bugs]

Touchshow is a third-party application on Android. It could not support all features of MS PPT.

About video playback detail, please refer to FAQ.

[Release Note for iOs 1.0]

1, The first version for iOs and support Jailbreak device only by now.
2, Support basic functions for wtppt. But video is not supported yet.
3, Add build-in file choosing interface.
4, Change resource loading machenism in order for users to add native language

[Release Note for Android 6.1]

1, launchable by third party app and quit back to the caller 2, clean memory cache for better performance

[Release Note for Android 6.0]

1, Support almost all the original effects in PPT 2, Page thumbnails for fast access

[Release Note for Android 5.0]

1, Adjust all text position 2, Support actionscript for thirt party developers

[Release Note for Android 4.3]

1, Change file choosing page

[Release Note for 4.2]

1, implement Menu inside app
2, fix blank page error and float number overwrap problem
3, release Touchshow for PC
4, add Japanese support

[Release Note for 4.1]

1, Keyboard/mouse support.
Up: last slide
Down: next slide
Left: last aninmation
Right: next animation
To use mouse, please press menu to switch between Touch/Mouse mode.

2, Improving video playback ability
3, Some bug fix

[Release Note for 4.0]

1, Editor implemented. User can add/modify/delete animations on pad.
2, International Character sets supported
3, PowerPoint plugin supported

[Release Note for 3.1]

1, hyperlink to inner page bug fix
2, hyperlink in master template supported
3, last viewed slide hyperlink supported

[Next Release ...]

1, When and What will be released next depends on your request.

[And more ]

Please mail to contact@whytouch.com, if
  • Some defects found which prevent you from making a good presentation
  • Some features important to you but undeveloped. They ought to be added to next version
  • Any ideas you would like to share with us

We are eager waiting for your feedback.
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